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Surname: SAUAN

Names : Paula Verónica

Date and Place of birth: 12th January, 1970, Rosario, Argentina.

Nationality: Argentinian

I.D.: 21414937

Address: España 771 - Piso 11 Dpto A - Rosario - Argentina.

T.E.: 054-341-4267132

E-mail : /

Marital Status : Married.


  • Third Level Studies: Teacher of English. Degree given by the Olga Cosetini National Institute of Advanced Education (INES, Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza Superior "Olga Cosetini") in December 1992.

Literary and technical-scientific Translator in the English Language. Degree given by the the Olga Cosetini National Institute of Advanced Education (INES, Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza Superior "Olga Cosetini") in September 2003.

  • Secondary Level Studies: Graduate in 1987 from Adoratrices High School (Colegio Inmaculado Corazón de María "Adoratrices") as Bilingual Executive Secretary.


  • CFC Cambridge First Certificate in English. University of Cambridge. December, 1987.

  • Course on Trados 5.5 (Translation Memory Tool). October 2005.


  • Operator training course for Windows 3.11 and Word for Windows. Argentinian Computer Studies Commission (CAI - Comisión Argentina de Informática). February 1996.

  • Operator training course for Windows '95 and Excell. Argentinian Computer Studies Commission (CAI - Comisión Argentina de Informática). February 1997.


  • Workshop on Text correction organized by Connections Servicios Idiomáticos delivered by Lic. Claudia Aguirre on April 17th, 2010. Duration: 6 hours.

  • Workshop on “Marketing de servicios profesionales de idiomas” delivered on 4th July 2009 by Trad. Públ. María Belén Iannitto. Duration: 4 hs. 30 min.

  • Workshop on “El español actual: cuestiones normativas y estilísticas” delivered on 4th July 2009 by Lic. Claudia Aguirre. Duration: 4 hs. 30 min.

  • Workshop on “TRADOS (Módulo II: Multiterm and WinAlign)” delivered on April 2009 by Trad. Marina Cavallera. Duration: 6 hs.

  • Workshop on subtitle translation delivered on 30th August 2008 by Pamela Gallusser. Duration: 4 hours.

 Seminar on "Recharging Batteries" by Laura Lewin on 17th April 2004. Duration: 7 hours.
 Workshop on "Análisis léxico y conceptual para la traducción inversa de textos de derecho procesal, civil y comercial" (Lexical and Conceptual Analysis for the Translation of texts on Procedural, Civil and Commercial Law) by Ricardo Chiesa, Public Translator and Lawyer on 28th and 29th August 2004. Duration: 19 hours

  • Workshop on "Medical translation" delivered in October 2003. Duration: 8 hours.

Primeras Jornadas Interdisciplinarias de Traducción (First Translation Interdisciplinary Conference) delivered by Ricardo Chiesa (Lawyer and Public translator) and by Claudia Tarazona (Public Translator and Interpreter) , on 23rd and 24th August 2003. Duration: 16 hours

  • Teaching training workshop for Teachers of English, "Visualize to Learn", delivered by Oriel Villagarcia, on 15th February 1999. Duration: 4 lecture hours.

  • Teaching training workshop for Teachers of English, "Understanding ELT today", delivered by Oriel Villagarcia, on 16th February 1999. Duration: 5 lecture hours.

  • Teaching training workshop for Teachers of English, "Music in the Classroom-Part 2", delivered by Oriel Villagarcia, on 16th February 1999. Duration: 5 lecture hours.

  • "The Real Issue: Content Area Subjects Explored Through Educational Drama" by Prof. Susan Hillyard, on May 31st, 1997. Duration: 3 lecture hours.

  • "Taller de Traducción Literaria" (Literary translation workshop) by Leandro Wulfson during the first four-month period in 1996. Duration: 24 lecture hours.

  • Young Learners”: delivered by Ricardo Sampedro, on 18th March 1995. Duration: 3 lecture hours.

"Language change" by Prof. Daniel José Fernández on September 3rd, 1994. Duration: 4 lecture hours.
 Theoretical-Practical Course on "4MAT" and "Cooperative Learning". Lectured by María Elena Marelli on July 30 th, 1994. Duration: 6 lecture hours
 "Ways of Using Metaphor" lectured by Prof. Jane Revell on August 17th, 1993. Duration: 4 ½ lecture hours
 Seminar on "El desarrollo del potencial de cada docente en la enseñanza del idioma inglés" (The development of the teacher's potential in the teaching of the English language). Lectured by Prof. Adrian Underhill on July 7 th, 1993. Duration:  4 ½ lecture hours.
 "To Read or not to Read". Course on the importance of the reading skill when learning English as a second language. Lectured by Prof. Carlos López on May 8 th, 1993. Duration: 6 lecture hours.
 Seminar on "Games and Activities for the Little Ones" lectured by Prof. Diana Webster on June 2nd, 1992. Duration: 4 lecture hours
 "El rol de la gramática en el desarrollo educativo" (The importance of grammar in the development of education) and "Las necesidades del docente y el alumno como centro de aprendizaje" (Teacher and student's needs as the center of learning). Seminar lectured by Professor Tom Hutchinson on July 6 th , 1991. Duration: 8 lecture hours.
 Seminar with workshops on: "Sound for Meaning and Communication" and "Usual Problems of Diction Of Argentine Spanish Speakers Learning English" by Prof. Alicia N. de Viale on September 15th and 29th , 1990. Duration: 13 lecture hours.
"Correcting Common Errors". Lectured by Prof. Alicia S. de Nachez on July 7th, 1990. Duration: 6 lecture hours.
"Making the most of Video" by Prof. María Magdalena Calvo de la Vega on April 1st, 1989. Duration: 7 lecture hours.
 Seminar on "Intonation? Yes?" by Prof. Susana A. Tersaghi on April 15th and 22nd, May 6th and 20th 1989. Duration: 16 lecture hours.
"Enseñanza de la Gramática" (Grammar Teaching) by Prof. Alicia S. Nachez, Raquel Campdesuña and Georgina Baró Graf on August 19th, 1989. Duration: 4 lecture hours.
"Optimizing Listening". Lecturer: Oriel Villagarcía. March 3rd, 1989.
"Communicative syllabus and communicative methodology - Implications for teacher and learner". Lectured by Prof. John Soars on October 5th , 1988. Duration: 3 lecture hours.
 "English Grammar: Fact and Fiction" by L.G. Alexander on September 8th, 1988.

1992 – present - Teacher of English at I.A.T.E.L.  S.R.L. Ref: Rioja 2234, Rosario, Argentina, T.E.: 054-341-4216140
1997 – present - Head of Multimedia Laboratory for learners of English as a second language at I.A.T.E.L.   S.R.L.

Freelance Translator:
1993 - Translations of leaflets and technical manuals connected to the plastic industry for Pasadena S.A. (Argentina)
1993 – present - "Emporio del 15" (translations of commercial letters and documents for foreign trade)
1993 – 1999 - Translations of articles on medicine (limb lengthening, nephrology and medicine in general) for COT, Rosario.
1993 – present - Translations of articles on pharmacy for students at the Pharmaceutical School (National University of Rosario, Argetina).
1993 - present - Translations for “Tosticarelli y Asociados”, a road consultancy company. Ref: Gustavo Mezzelani, Riobamba 230, TE.: +54(341)482-0531.
2003 -Translation of manual for the installation and use of multimedia centers aimed at education for "Wordlinks" (USA)
2003 – present -Translation of letters on an ongoing basis for the purchase of medicinal drugs for " Farmacia Pesado", Rosario, Argentina.
2004 - Translation of video subtitles for ACA-BEEF advertisements (Argentine vacuumed-packed meat for export) and for La Segunda Insurance Company, both projects given to me by Moreno Condis, an advertising agency.
2004- present -Legal translation of Contracts for "Forage Genetics" (USA) (ongoing)
2004- present -Various translations of curriculums, diplomas, letters and  other legal documents for private individuals.
July 2005 -Translation of Webpages: and r
October 2005 – present -Translation, proofreading and updating of menus for "Viejo Balcón" and "La Estancia" Restaurants (Rosario, Argentina)
March 2006 - Translation of various articles on dentistry to be used on Seminars.
May 2006 – present - Translation on Telecommunications, Printing Inks, Education (currently working for the New York City Department of Education), Buoys, Software Strings, and Presses for F&L Translation and Interpretation. Services.

November 2006 - present - Started working as a freelance translator for Word Professionals. Here I specialize in the transcription of interviews and documentaries.

January 2007 - present - Started working for Trusted Translations, an American agency. Website:
2007 - Editing and proofreading for F&L Translation and Interpretation Services. Localization for the Spanish community.
2007 - Translator for“The Dental Advisor”, an advertising magazine of dental products.
- Started working for SMS Translations as a freelancer. Website:
January – August 2008 - Subtitles on documentals and advertising. Translation of video clips for Smith & Nephew.
November 2008 – Present Started working for SpanSource (an Argentinian Translation Agency located in Rosario)
December 2008 Started working for EnviroClean, a Hungarian agency (
July 2010 Started working for Lingo24, a British agency.

I speak Spanish as a native language and I have an excellent command of English.

I can translate between 2,500 and 3,000 words per day. I can also work with a group of qualified translators and editors for urgent large volume projects.

Gabriel Martines Lotti


TE. *54-341-5944412
Fernando Vieitez

Emporio del 15

San Luis 1515



T.E.: 54-341-4246679


Teresa Gaffner

Web-page translator

TE: 54-341-4252552
Moreno Condis Producciones

Mitre 959



TE: 54-341-4486218 / 54-341-4486682


Verónica Ballario

Forage Genetics, Argentina

TE: 54-3472-423409


Gustavo Mezzelani

Tosticarelli y Asociados



TE: 54-341-4480105


Silvina Marta Defendente

24 Waterford Circle




T.E.: 608 230 6690


Restaurant "La Estancia "




Restaurant "Viejo Balcón"



T.E.: 54-341-4255611

Rosario, 15th August 2010. ..........................

Paula Sauan

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