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Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (GPA)
Chile y la Literatura Infantil y Juvenil

Book Recommendations

Delia Degú y su sombrero

Cecilia Beuchat

Alfaguara, 2005

Un perro confundido

Cecilia Beuchat

Editorial Andrés Bello, 2008


Nada de tucanes 27472SX

Elsa Bornemann

Alfaguara, 2005

Un elefante ocupa mucho espacio

Elsa Bornemann

Fausto, 1992


Víctor Carvajal

Ediciones Sol y Luna Libros, 2004


Available from Amazon
Mamire, el último nino 18955R9

Victor Carvajal

Alfaguara, 1996


Livier Douzou

Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2002


Available from Amazon

A very easy read. Good for first year students learning body parts, (even high schoolers!)
Una casa a medida

Daniela Kulot

Faktoría K, 2007


A simple book that can be used for descriptive comparisons
La bicicleta voladora

Lucia Laragione

El Ateneo, 1998


Available from Amazon
Equiz y Zeta

Jorge Luján

Illustrations by Isol

Sudamericana, 2008

ISBN: 978-950-07-2948-2

This is a book of short cartoons. It is good for beginning to intermediate level Spanish students.
Leyendas Americanas

Paulina Martínez, Eva Rey, Pirucha Romera

Illustrations by Gustavo Mazali


ISBN: 978-950-11-2076-7

Available from Amazon

This book is best used with intermediate to advanced level readers (end of second year through 4th). The book has a number of short stories from various indigenous groups.
El libro de las preguntas, Selección 00374SX

Pablo Neruda

Editorial Andrés Bello, 1991 (2nd Edition)



This book is written as questions and can be used for beginners when doing question words as well as opening up a lesson to have students speak by answering or asking questions.
¡Ay, cuanto me quiero!

Mauricio Paredes 

Alfaguara, 2003


Read aloud with 3rd graders. Also a great book about friendship and humility.

La cama mágica de Bartolo

Mauricio Paredes

Alfaguara, 2002


A novel about a young boy who takes a trip on a magic bed to save the world.
Verónica, la niña biónica

Mauricio Paredes

Alfaguara, 2005


A novel for upper elementary-level students about a girl superhero.
Esta bien ser diferente 19118Q8

Todd Parr

Lectorum, 2004


Available from Amazon

This book is a simple read perfect for beginners because of the repetition and illustrations.

Papelucho not distributed in the USA per contact at Random House Spanish

Marcela Paz

Editorial Sudamericana. 2005


Available from Amazon. There are many books that have been written in this series—all are good.
Del pellejo de una pulga y otros versos para jugar

Collection by Manuel Peña Muñoz

Illustrations by Paloma Valdivia

Santillana, 2002

ISBN: 956-15-0742-0


This book has short verses and “adivinanzas” good for second year Spanish students.
El collar de perlas negras

Manuel Peña Muñoz

Editorial Universitaria, 2007

Mágico Sur

Manuel Peña Muñoz

Ediciones SM, 1998


Available from Amazon
Mafalda cartoon series


Available from Amazon
El Cóndor y la pastora 00376S4

Marcela Recabarren

Colección Pueblos Originarios

Editorial Amanuta, 2004


Also look at the web resources for this book.
Los agujeros negros

Yolanda Reyes

Illustrations by Daniel Rabanal

Alfaguara Infantil, 2000

ISBN: 956-239-441-7

Available from Amazon
En el bano 09643K5

Andrea Wayne von Konigslow

Ediciones Ekaré, 1998


See: http://www.ekare.com/index.html

A simple read for beginners with one theme woven throughout. Amusing and entertaining for middle school students.
Third Grade Dual Immersion School

Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies are taught in Spanish

Top resources by topic with brief lesson plans
1. Preguntas

Preguntas puras preguntas Packet por Cecilia Beuchat

Poem: Carta al Señor Astronauta por Elsa Isabel Bornemann

El libro de las preguntas por Pablo Neruda

This relates to so many activities in reading, writing, math, and science. See the full lesson plan for more details.
2. Poemas

Atrapalecturas, Leyendo Poco a Poco 1,2,3,4 Selección de Cecilia Beauchat

We use the poems from this book as a weekly shared reading activity. Poems are copied and cut to fit in students’ poetry notebooks. I read the poem, students read with me, we talk about it-meaning, rhyme, patterns etc. Then students read with a partner. They get pretty crative-turning it into a song, or rap, reading line by line, stanza by stanza.
3. Trabalenguas

Del Pellejo de una pulgada y otros versos para jugar por Manuel Peña Muñoz

During in-between times these short verses are fun for students to play with and see how fast they can say them accurately. Also students write their own trabalenguas during writing time. They focus on the ending of words and give the trabalengua some type of meaning (which can be silly). Students publish and share with others in the class. Reading and reciting trabalenguas helps with fluency.
4. Cuentos con algo de mermelada por Cecilia Beauchat

These stories so closely relate to kids’ feelings. They play with students imaginations, especially the “Autopistas, castillos y mermelada” story. Students envision what it would be like to be left alone in the supermarket. This ties well to descriptive writing and predictions. “La function del teatro” A good story to read before school performances of any sort to get the students talking about their feelings
5. Mitos y Leyendas

La Pequeña Lilén por Victor Carvajal
Kwala, la llama de cobre por Ana María Pavez y Constanza Recant
Leyendas bajo la cruz del sur por Alicia Morel
Short readings from Cecilia Beauchat:

El Tatu y su capa de fiesta por Lucia Gevert

Bolivia, Chile, Peru
La Noche del Tatu adaptación de Alicia Morel

Mito aimará de la selva peruana
Como consiguió sus espinas el queshque adaptación de Enriqueta Herrera Gray

leyenda peruana
El quirquincho (armadillo) musico por Oscar Alfaro

leyenda boliviana
Students read various myths and legends. Talk about what countries they come from and find them on the map. Students compare and find common elements. This leads into students writing their own myth about a natural phenomenon to explain questions like “Why do volcanoes spew lava?” or “Why do leaves change colors?”

6. Recetas

Poem: Receta de brujas por Norge Espinosa

Used as an introduction to procedural writing.

7. Hugo tiene hambre por Silvia Schujer

Use with the theme of social justice, the idea of hunger and what that means. Use to introduce a community service project serving food at the homeless shelter.

Mayra Sánchez Negrón—La Escuela Fratney, Milwaukee, WI
Birmajer, Marcelo. Cicatrices. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Calibroscopio, 2008. ISBN: 978-987-22204-9-5.

A poignant, yet beautifully told story about a lad in love with a capricious girl who won't accept him until all his scars are removed. The young man finds a magician who begins to remove the scars, but as the scars are removed, the experiences attached to them disappear. The picture book has a combination of long and short passages and illustrations done in collage. An excellent book for a discussion on what makes us who we are. [I plan on using this book with fifth grade students as soon as I can catalog it.] Marcelo Birmajer is from Argentina.
Jimenez, Francisco. La niña Violeta. Santiago, Chile: Editorial Manuta, 2007. ISBN: 978-956-8209-35-3.
This book is part of the series Colección mi historia, which includes simple stories about the lives of Diego de Almagro, Gabriela Mistral, Christopher Columbus, and Chilean artist/poet/singer Violeta Parra. The book lends itself to be used with different audiences: it is told mostly in the present tense and has short passages on opposing pages. After reading this book, the students can listen to Gracias a la vida and other beautiful songs by this artist.
Silveyra, Carlos. Trabalenguas: sin equivocarse y bien ligerito. (From the series Falto el profe) Buenos Aires, Argentina: Altea, 2008. ISBN: 950-511-509-1. This little book, in its sixth edition, is very popular with Spanish speaking students. A good idea when presenting tongue twisters is to copy a few on slips of paper and challenge students to practice, then read to a partner. The activity culminates with a few selected students reading in front of all. This is a great activity to have fun while learning Spanish pronunciation.
Montes, Graciela. Había una vez una llave. Miami, FL: Santillana, 2006. ISBN: 987-04-0158-9. (Board Book) Grandma Antolina finds a key and begins a long journey into the country, up and down a mountain, and so on, until she fords the door it opens, where her grandchildren await.

Set Number for the Graciela Montes titles L829
Había una vez una casa. Miami, FL: Santillana, 2006. ISBN: 987-04-0156-2. (Board Book) ISBN: 978-1-59820-212-0 (hardback). A group of animals and one egg share a big house with a giant who lives in the garden.
Había una vez un barco. Miami, FL: Santillana, 2006. ISBN: 987-04-0157-0. (Board Book) [Santillana looking into this. Not part of hard cover set.]
Había una vez una nube. Miami, FL: Santillana, 2006. ISBN: 987-04-0159-7. (Board Book). A cloud arrives on Earth as drops of water in the middle of a storm and soon returns to the sky on a bright sunny day.

Habia una vez una princesa. Miami, FL: Santillana, 2006. ISBN: 987-04-0160-0. (Board Book)

The titles listed above are rebus stories authored by Graciela Montes (Argentina) and illustrated by different artists. They are simple stories that can be used by all levels of fluency, but will attract the younger students most of all. The student reading the story has to recall the word in the picture each time it comes up, so the stories are great for vocabulary building. [I was able to find the rebus stories as board books in Chile and as paperbacks in the US.]
Graciela Montes is very prolific, so she lends herself easily for an author study. Other popular books by her are:
Montes, Graciela. Cuatro calles v un problema. 5a. ed. Madrid [Spain] : Ediciones SM, 1997. Panchita is in a hurry to get to the dentist, but with only four blocks to go, her imagination gets the better of her and she becomes afraid. 21009J3 (Opc 6 osi, but having another publisher look into this.]
Montes, Graciela. Más chiquito que una arveja, más grande que una ballena. 10a. ed. Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana, 2000, c1989. A short adventure story about one very large cat and one very small cat. 14817R4
Montes, Graciela. Tengo un monstruo en el bolsillo. Orlando : Harcourt Brace, [2000?]. A little girl looks for help in getting a monster out of her pocket. 11596R8
Montes, Graciela. Valentín se parece a-- 6a. ed. Madrid [Spain] : Ediciones SM, 1998. Tired of always being told how much he looks like everyone else, Valentín hangs his self-portrait around town so people will say he looks like that boy. 27280J7 (Opc 2, but I am having another publisher look into this for us.]
Biographical information about Graciela Montes can be found at: http://www.7calderosmagicos.corn.ar/Autores/gracielanaontes.htrn
Violeta Monreal (Spain) is another author which has published rebus stories. Unlike Gabriela Montes, Monreal includes a heading on top of each page with the pictures and words by them. Some titles are:
Monreal, Violeta. Mío! Mío! el huevo es mío. 2a. ed. Leon, Espana: Everest, [2004]. ISBN: 84-241-8102-4. A dragon, a wolf, a king, and a witch, unhappy living in the same forest, learn the value of working together when a huge, unidentified egg appears in the neighborhood.
Monreal, Violeta. i,Qué animal es? León: Everest, c2003. ISBN: 84-241-8100-X. Contains a series of illustrated, rhyming riddles that readers must solve to learn about various animals.

Monreal, Violeta. Susto en la playa. León, España: Everest, [2003]. ISBN: 84-241-8103-2. While on vacation a seven-year-old boy and his younger sister have fun on the beach.

Monreal, Violeta. SOS se necesita sonrisa. León España: Everest, [2003]. ISBN: 84-241-8101-8. A magician who lives on a small planet is responsible for granting people their desires; but even though his job should be a happy one, the magician is very sad.
An interview in Spanish with Violeta Monreal can be found at: http://www.literaturas.com/02infanti lj uvenil V iol etaMonreal2002.htm

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