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Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

SHH State Convention
February 20-21, 2015
Holiday Inn, Cincinnati Airport
Erlanger, KY

Host School:

Campbell County High School


Dear SHH Chapter Sponsors:
The La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica de Kentucky (Kentucky Spanish Honor Society) will be holding its annual convention February 20-21, 2015 at Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky. The students will be spending the night at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport in Erlanger, Kentucky.
The convention registration fee is still only $35 per student. The convention registration fee covers the special sessions, dinner Friday night, continental breakfast Saturday morning, the luncheon Saturday and the convention t-shirt. We ask that teachers and students stop by our table in the hotel to pick up their convention packets and t-shirts from 11-12:30 pm on Friday. Teachers will be responsible for checking in students with the hotel and for distributing room keys.
The enclosed room reservation form should be filled out in duplicate. One copy should be sent to the hotel with a check for the rooms. One copy should be sent to Sra. Pascual. You may e-mail the information as an attachment. Cost for student rooms, which will accommodate 4 students, will be $93.72 per room. This cost includes a hotel tax, which we must pay, but does not include state tax. If you do not wish to have Kentucky sales tax added to your cost, you must send a signed tax exempt slip to the hotel along with your reservation form and the check for the rooms. The rooming list form, check, and tax-exempt slip are due to the hotel by January 30. Please include the rooming list form to them.

The state SHH covers the costs of one chaperone room per school. The registration form, check for registration fees, and COPY of the reservation form are due to Sra. Pascual by January 30.
NOTE: The Holiday Inn has reserved 70 rooms for us. They will only hold those rooms until Februar1st. After that we cannot guarantee that there will be rooms available for your chapter.
During the convention, there is a campaign to elect state officers. Each school may run a maximum of three candidates. The convention registration form sent to Sra. Pascual should contain each candidate’s name and the office for which he or she would like to run. Candidates should bring the appropriate campaign materials (i.e. posters, name labels, etc.) and be prepared to deliver a 3-5 minute speech in Spanish. Students may run for one of the following offices: president, vice-president, secretary, historian, and officer-at-large. The historian should have previous knowledge of website design, as he/she will be expected to update a website in addition to his/her other responsibilities. Please give a copy of the attached candidate form to all candidates. Candidates must e-mail a short bio, in Spanish, and a recent photo (in jpg format) of themselves to Sra. Pascual. These will be published in the convention PowerPoint. The deadline for candidate bios and photos is January 30. Please e-mail those to Sra. Pascual. Students must be enrolled in Spanish during the 2015-2016 school year in order to serve as state officers.
Also, on the registration form, list up to 3 service projects that your chapter has completed or plans to complete by the end of the year. In the spirit of fostering community service, we are producing a PowerPoint presentation in which we will feature your chapter’s service project. If you would like to provide digital photos of any of your projects so we may include them in the PowerPoint, please e-mail them to me by February 7th. Even if you are unable to attend the convention, please send us your community service activities so they may be shared with the rest of the state.
All chapters will need to a sign or poster with their school name and SHH chapter name. Please plan to bring the sign/poster to the get-to-know you game and to the other meetings during the convention. Also, we ask each student coming to bring either a one 2-liter bottles of soda or a box of Little Debbies.

Ruth Pascual

SHH State Director p.1


Ruth Pascual Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport

DuPont Manual High School 1717 Airport Exchange Blvd..

120 West Lee St. Erlanger, Kentucky 41018

Louisville, Key 40208 phone: (859) 371-2233 fax: (829) 371-5002

Manual High School

(502) 485-8241

School fax: (502) 485-8035

Sra. Pascual’s cell phone : (502) 593-6316 or

TO: Sra. Pascual TO: Hotel
1. __convention registration form and

check for registration fees THIS IS CRITICAL.


WE HAVE TO PAY OUR VENDORS BEFORE THEN. (Jan. 30) 1. __hotel rooming list form with tax exempt slip

(please call hotel to confirm your rooms,

rooms not guaranteed if booked after deadline)
2. signed candidate registration form

with bios and pictures (Jan. 30)
3._names and t-shirts sizes for student (Feb. 7)
4. _copy of hotel reservation form (Jan. 30)
5. list of community service activities with photos (Feb. 7)

6. list of seniors participating in the scholarship 2. __ check (this is mailed directly to the hotel or paid

competition (Feb. 7) at the hotel when checking in)

__ sign or poster for your school’s chapter __a 2 liters of soda (boys) or box of Little Debbie (girls)

___ nice clothes for Saturday banquet ____ SPENDING MONEY (lunch on Friday) and shopping in the “mercado”

Directions to the Holiday Inn, Cincinnati Airport, Erlanger, Kentucky:

(We meet here first from 11-12:30pm for registration)

***From I-75 in Kentucky, Exit I-275 West (Airport Exit). Follow to first exit - Mineola Pike. Turn right on Mineola Pike, hotel will be on your left.

President: Michael Dumaine Vice-President: Andi Dahmer

Campbell County High School DuPont Manual High School

sponsors: Toni Schneller and sponsor: Ruth Pascual

Ashley Valerius

Officer at Large: Amber Holzchuh Web Master: Shay Hamm Secretary: Allison Tracy

Campbell County High School Raceland High School Greenup CountyHigh School

sponsor: Toni Schneller and sponsor: Zenaida Smith sponsor: Catherine Del Valle

Ashley Valerius


Registración de la 2014 Convención de

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
To be sent to: Ruth Pascual / duPont Manual High School

120 W. Lee St. Louisville, KY 40208 or

Phone: school: (502) 485-8241 school fax: (502) 485-

or cell: (502) 593-6316

School Name: _________________________________________________________

Chapter Name: ________________________________________________________

Total number of students attending ________ teachers attending ______________
Transportation needs: I need transportation from the hotel to the school ____ NO

_____ yes, and I will bring permission slips so that my students can ride Campbell County school buses.

Teacher Name: __________________________

School Phone #: _________________ Home Phone #: __________________

Email: ____________________________________

Candidates (each school may run up to three candidates):
Candidate Name Grade level of Spanish for 2015-2016 (next year)

President _____________________ __________ ________________________

Vice-President _____________________ __________ ________________________

Secretary _____________________ __________ ________________________

Officer-at-Large _____________________ __________ ________________________

Historian _____________________ __________ ________________________
Service Projects. Please list up to three service projects you have completed or will complete by the end of the year.




Convention Cost (Make checks payable to: Manual High School)

___________ # of students attending Fri. and Sat. x $35.00 = $ ______________ plus

___________# of students attending Fri. only x $25 = $ _________ /////// total enclosed $ ______
IMPORTANT: It is VERY important that I receive your check ASAP. If for some reason you are unable to send check by Jan. 30, please let me know. Last year I did not receive some checks until the day of the convention. We were in a panic because we could not pay our vendors. I must have checks on time in order to pay the hotel, caterers and t-shirts. If you have add-on students after the Jan. 30 deadline you can send me a second check to cover them but please do not hold on to checks until the start of the convention

Horario Tentativo

Convención 2015

Viernes, el 20 de febrero

11-12:30 pm La registración en el hotel

1-2pm **Competencia -Beca de SHH de Kentucky, (la parte escrita -seniors)

1:30-2pm Maestros, favor de reunirse con la Sra. Pascual

2:30pm Salida para Campbell County High School

3:00-3:20pm La bienvenida en el auditorio

3:00- 3:20pm (solo candidatos- tiempo para decorar y poner sus letreros de campaña)

3:20 - 3:40pm Cantemos con Winnie

3:20- 4:00pm Presentación de los oficiales, oraciones de los candidatos

4:15-4:45 Tiempo libre para conocer a los candidatos

5:00- 7:30 Mercado Internacional/Breakout sessions

  • Usar sus pasaportes (lanyard) para viajar por tierras exóticas

  • Pasar por seguridad (antes o después del vuelo)

  • Tomar un vuelo a su destino (refrigerio adentro y película enfocada en sitios turísticos de los países hispanohablantes)

  • Visitar a los puestos de diferentes países con:

    • comida

    • artesanías que pueden comprar

    • trabajos manuales que pueden hacer (florería con flores de papel)

    • pintar un mural

    • demonstraciones de preparación de comida (tortillas, dulces, chicharrones, salsas, etc…)

    • puesto de fotos (photo booth)

Participar en talleres : Bailar / Conversar con hispanohablantes nativos / Cantar con Winnie

6-7 pm **Competencia -Beca de SHH de Kentucky (la parte oral-seniors)

7:30-8:30 pm La cena española

8:30 pm Regresar al hotel

10-11:30 Actividades opcionales en el hotel

  • película en español con palomitas

  • baile y karaoke

  • conversación y/o juegos en la plaza del hotel

A la medianoche ¡A dormir!
Sábado el 21 de febrero

6-9 am El desayuno en el hotel

9-11 am Actividades especiales- Scavenger Hunt digital. Competencia de arte o escribir

11-11:30 am Tiempo libre para hacer maletas y completar "la salida oficial" del hotel

11:30-12:30 Comida especial con fotos compartidas de la conferencia por medio de CapsuleCam

  • Votar por los candidatos

  • Orador especial

  • Inauguración de los oficiales nuevos

  • Presentación de la Beca de SHH de Kentucky

** solo para los seniors que están en la competencia para la Beca de SHH Kentucky(parte escrita – 45 minutos- a la 1 pm y parte oral- 10 minutos durante los talleres. Es obligatorio completar las dos partes a las horas indicadas)

p.4 p.4

Spanish Honor Society Convention 2015 Hotel Reservations
Please complete this form and fax it to the hotel by January 30, 2015

(room availability not guaranteed after Feb.1)
Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport

1717 Airport Exchange Blvd..

Erlanger, Kentucky 41018

phone: (859) 371-2233 fax: (829) 371-5002
Organization: Kentucky Spanish Honor Society

School Name: _________________________________________

School Address: _________________________________________________________

Primary Chaperone Name: ____________________________ Phone: ____________

Arrival Date: Friday, February 20, 2015 Departure Date: Saturday, February 21, 2015
*Please type or print the name of room occupants as they should be grouped in rooms.

NOTE: One chaperone room per school will be reserved by the state director under separate cover.

ROOM #1 Students (max 4 to a room per the Fire Marshall) male or female?
1._____________________________________________________ ______________

2._____________________________________________________ ______________

3._____________________________________________________ ______________

4._____________________________________________________ ______________

ROOM #2 Students (max 4 to a room per the Fire Marshall) male or female?
1._____________________________________________________ ______________

2._____________________________________________________ ______________

3._____________________________________________________ ______________

4._____________________________________________________ ______________

ROOM #3 Students (max 4 to a room per the Fire Marshall) male or female?
1._____________________________________________________ ______________

2._____________________________________________________ ______________

3._____________________________________________________ ______________

4._____________________________________________________ ______________

ROOM #4 Students (max 4 to a room per the Fire Marshall) male or female?
1._____________________________________________________ ______________

2._____________________________________________________ ______________

3._____________________________________________________ ______________

4._____________________________________________________ ______________

_______ # of rooms X $93.72 = $___________ (Total enclosed cost of hotel rooms)

Payable to: Holiday Inn (mail to hotel or pay when checking in)

Please send a copy of this form to:

Ruth Pascual, Kentucky SHH Director

Manual High School (502) 485-8035 (fax)


Candidates Form- SHH Convention
Dear Candidates,

¡Hola! Thank you for participating in this year's state SHH officer election. There are a few things you will need to know about your campaign and responsibilities as an officer.

1. It is required that you send a photo of yourself (i.e. school picture) and a 1-2 paragraph biography in Spanish to the state sponsor. E-mail to Sra. Pascual by January 30.
2. You must prepare a 2-5 minute speech in Spanish to be given at convention. This should not be a resume or a list of accomplishments, but should help the members get to know you or give an indication of your commitment and vision.
3. You should bring campaign posters, name tags, and any other promotional materials you wish to use. All materials should have your name and slogan on them. Posters may be put up in the school cafeteria You will be assigned a table in the cafeteria that you may decorate with campaign material. Please have a tri-fold for your table with information about yourself. Many candidates like to hand of tokens, souvenirs for their candidate(s). Have fun and campaign actively. Circulate around the cafeteria and ask students from other schools to sign your “petition”. This gives you the opportunity to meet and greet.
4. The election policies, officer responsibilities, and the signature form stating you and your parents understand your commitments is included.
Statement of Commitment
Name of Student: _________________ School: ______________________________
Candidate for: ____________________ Chapter Sponsor: ______________________
Student: I have read and understand my commitments as a Kentucky Spanish Honor Society officer and will affirm this by signing my name.__________________________________

Parent(s): I have read and understand my child's commitments as a Kentucky Spanish Honor Society officer and will affirm this by signing my name._______________________________
Candidate Biography (in Spanish)
This statement will be published in the convention handouts. It should be 1-2 short paragraphs: Please attach your biography to this sheet or e-mail to Sra. Pascual by January 31.

Please return this form to: Ruth Pascual

Kentucky SHH State Director

Manual High School

120 W. Lee St.

Louisville, KY 40208 (or scan and send as an attachment)

Photo of candidate (Send a digital photo in JPG format, you can e-mail it to me) p.7


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