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She was born in Mexico City in 1956 in a family that grew a lot.

She remembers the smell of the hands of the teacher who taught her how to read and write.

She read a lot of books under the blankets and with a lantern, in order not to wake up her sisters.

Another teacher sat her on the waste-basket after not raising her hand before talking.

She was a shy girl twelve years. Then she discovered humor.

At age seventeen she lost her mother, started her musical studies and read a lot of other books.

She finished her professional harp and musical studies in the National Conservatory of Mexico City and continued them in Spain and the USA.

She has played solo, in chamber groups and with many orchestras in different countries.

She has recorded five compact discs: ZARPA AL AZAR (Urtext), GAUGUIN (Urtext), ALMÍBAR (Urtext), CARNAVAL (Urtext) and RAMAS (Quindecim).

With Janet Paulus she formed SONDOS, DÚO DE ARPAS, a harp duet.

She joined Francisco Hinojosa´s writing workshop “Héroes de Juchipilina”, where she learned how to write something else than shopping lists and letters.
Published works:

  • ME LATE CACAHUATE – article about music for children in Mexican newspaper TIEMPO DE NIÑOS.

  • CHILPACHOLE DE ARPA – bilingual method to play traditional Mexican music for harp. (Lyra Music, N.Y.)

  • ODONIR Y LOS RATONES – story for children about a nasty conductor who mistreats a tiny bass player and how the mice in the theater help the musician to stop the situation. Editorial Playco, Venezuela.

  • DEMENTE CUERDA, movimientos de una mujer bien música, DEMAC.2002 Prize in autobiography competition “Women who dare to tell their story”.

  • KOMOK, NOKEK Y LOS FLAMENCOS, Ediciones Castillo, México.

  • EL IDIOMA DE CARLINA, Editorial Junco, México. Story of a deaf girl who goes to a school where everyone hears except her.

She has participated in interdisciplinary projects with theater:

  • 47 TRIPAS, Concierto para arpa y actriz with Julieta Ortiz-actress and Alberto Lomnitz-director.

  • EN SÍ NATURAL, ilusión óptica para actriz acompañanda, with Julieta Ortiz-actress and Luis Martín Solis-director.

  • ¡CUÁNTA CUERDA! ”Viaje por la historia del arpa” with Janet Paulus-harp, Julieta Ortiz-actress. Original script written by Mercedes to guide children through the history of harp music in an imaginary plane trip.

  • NIÑAS DE LA GUERRA, by Berta Hiriart, with Aracelia Guerrero-actress, Janet Paulus-harp and Berta Hiriart-director.

She has written and presented:

- DE LA OREJA AL CORAZÓN, play for musicians, puppets and actors, presented at the Festival de Música y Escena in 2006 and continued season in 2007 at the Teatro Orientación, Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City.
She plays with Orquesta Filarmónica de la UNAM, teaches at the National Conservatory of Mexico. She reads before and after concerts and writes while soaking beans or when everyone else is sleeping.

She has four daugthers born in three births: a long one, a short one and a double one.

She loves to swim and to cook, but not at the same time.


Name: María de las Mercedes Gómez Benet

Address: Privada José Ma. Castorena 115-8

San José de los Cedros, Cuajimalpa

05200 México D.F.


Telfax (00-52) 55 58 12 40 83


Web pages:

Passport number: 95320007210

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