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Gestiones oficiales realizadas

Tras la firma de las cartas de preacuerdo, por los Alcaldes masais de Oloirobi y Ngoile, y los Alcades Presidentes de Atapuerca, Fernando Gómez Aguado, y Francisco Bella, la delegada de los Maasai, Naini Oleshweel, elevará una solicitud a la autoridad tanzana a través de John Kimaro (telephone is 255 784 633047) working for the Ministry of Natural resources and Tourism and Antiquities for the legality of the this agreement to work in the future and has asked me to forward the document is signed by Mr. Donatius M.K Kamamba, Director of Antiquties Tanzania Tel 255 754 286 205
El proceso del acuerdo de Hermanamiento está siendo tutelado y guiado desde la ONG tanzana maasai por uno de sus dirigentes, el consevador del Museo de Olduvai, Godfrey Ollemoita working for the Antiquities department (MNRT) as conservator at the Laitole Footprint. Ollemoita has worked in Oldupai Gorge for more than 20 years as a government employee and a resident Maasai of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. He has also worked with many researchers at the Oldupai gorge and in the country cultural sites.
He took specific interests of Muruna Tanzania and have agreed personally to offer his moral support over its involvement to community initiatives on cultural tourism and information technology.
The agreement for the Atarpueka Donana and the Maasai has to be sign at the Ministerial level. The agreement has been forwarded to the Ministry for consideration and signing.
Formulation of the working group of the project which is already appointed and that should facilitate Muruna Matters and implementing strategies.
The government of Tanzania has accepted Muruna and its philosophy from the word go and the Ministry is quick to facilitate anything and has been giving Mr. Mosses the support requested to implement these projects.
The area being managed by the Antiquities Department of the Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism and area being within the Territory under control by the NCAA and not local residents.
Los aspectos detacados por los masai como elementos a considerar en el desarrollo posterior del acuerdo de hermanamiento son:
1. Complexity on matters of jurisdiction and decision making.

2. Palaentological and archeological resources

3. Contemporary Cultural resources

4. Topographical and site nomenclature

5. Food insecurity to local people and many stepping on the doors of the Museum to any sell for bread gain.

6. Poor local Economy

7. Conflicts between development and environmental protection

8. NCA Ordinance and NCA indigenous resident’s participation even in antiquities decision.

9. Inadequate guiding, interpretation and other visitor services

10.Inadequate resident involvement in tourism activities

11.Poor road and technological communication

12.Inadequate working tools and facilities
With this reasons then we need the friendship between Atarpuerca and Donana and Oldupai and Laitole site in the NCA atleast to minimize the impact of these challenges.
Muruna have consulted the Maasai over this development and they have agreed. The Ministry need to approve the plans and these is why I have asked Mosses to forward the document to the Director of Antiquities Mr. Donatious Kamamba

The government involvement in this project is important because the Maasai of the NCAA have no control over land, cultural recourses ect. The formulation of the working group was thus envisioned as a successful strategy to allow a smooth working environment of the Muruna project.
We have agreed to plan to have a meeting at MNRT-Dar es salaam in the next 2 weeks and that the working pressure group meets to Know each other; facilitate Muruna works in Tanzania very urgently and in an official and participatory manner with stake holders of the project..

Document to be signed at the tanzanian Ministry level

Agreement between the Maasai communities of Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Tanzania) and the municipalities of Atapuerca and Doñana (Spain)

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