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Zulai Marcela Fuentes

Personal History

Date and place of birth: 16 Jan, 1952 in Mexico City

Civil status: Divorced, with two sons, Angel R. Tapia F. (16) and Pedro E. Tapia F. (10)

Permanent and present address: Cádiz Norte 32. Insurgentes Extremadura, Delegación Benito Juárez. CP 03740, México, D.F. 5563-1337 / 56157620

E-mail: and/or

Native tongue: Spanish (above average); English (as second language; however, with native English written and spoken skills); French (as third language: good knowledge).

Main aptitude: linguistic.

Major talents: writing (poetry, journalism, fiction and non-fiction);editorial; translation.

Other skills: language teaching experience; lecturer; public relations.
In General:

Multicultural education

Quick learner

Public relations aptitude






1980-91 (4 semesters)

Sociedad General de Escritores de México

Diploma course in creative writing

Graduated in 1991

Diploma and transcripts available
08/1985 to 12/1987 (5 semesters)

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Hispanic literature and language (B.A. program)

(9.6 average of 10)

Transcripts available
1980-1 (One semester)

El Colegio de México

Programa para la Formación de Traductores

(Translators training course)

Transcript available


American Council on Education. General Education Development Testing

Service, Washington DC (GED)

High School Equivalency

Revalidated as Secundaria y Bachillerato en Ciencias Sociales

y Humanidades by Mexican Secretariat of Education (SEP) in 1981 and by

UNAM in 1985.

Official Report available

Secretaría de Educación Pública. Sistema Nacional de Educación para

Adultos (SEP)

Secundaria Abierta (secondary adult education)

Preparatoria Abierta (college preparatory adult education)

Certifications available

University of the Americas. Campus in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

School of Arts & Sciences (7 quarters)

B.A. in Anthropology

Transcripts available

Departamento de Turismo. Escuela para Guías de Turismo (2 semesters)

Graduated and obtained federal license to work as official guide (in English, French, and Spanish)

Certificate and diploma available

The Pan American Workshop (private international institution)

Commercial high school

Graduated as Bilingual Secretary (English-Spanish)

Elementary school certificate


United Nations, Secretariat Language Training Programme, New York

Language Proficiency Certificate
University of Cambridge. Local Examinations Syndicate


Certificate of Proficiency in English


Endorsement to CPE: Translation from and into English grade A: Very Good

Instituto Britannia

Methodology for Structural Situational Teaching

Fondation Centres Européens Langues et Civilisations, Zurich

Certificat d'études pratiques de langue Française

Sociedad General de Escritores de México (General writers’ guild)

Will try membership at International Translators Association soon
Public readings and book presentations in public and private institutions: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Aula Magna, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Universidad Iberoamericana, Casa Lamm, Casa del Poeta, Librería Octavio Paz, FCE, Librería Jaime García Terrés, UNAM, Museo Mural Diego Rivera, INBA, Casa de Tabasco, Casa de la Cultura Fedrico Reyes Heroles, Casa Universitaria del Libro, UNAM, biblioteca central, salón de actos, aula magna, Universidad de Yucatán, state universities throughout México; trendy Mexico City bars like El Hijo del Cuervo, Bar Las Hormigas. (1991 to date). Photographs and programs available.
Contributions (translations, general and literary; feature articles; fiction, poetry, music, film, book reviews, interviews) in local cultural sections of Mexican journals (Excélsior, El Día, Unomásuno, el Financiero, Diario de Yucatán, La Gaceta del Fondo de Cultura Económica, Órbita, Letras Libres Interactivas, Revista Electrónica de Literatura Mexicana (RELIM), Planos de Escritura, El Cocodrilo Poeta).(1990 to date). Available clippings.

LITERARY WORK. Published and unpublished material:

  • Penumbral, Ediciones Mixcóatl, 2003. 19-page plaquette of poetry.

  • Hablo del mar, Nautilium, 1992. 57-page book of poems, mention of honor at national contest (Premio Nacional de Literatura Efraín Huerta 1992, Tampico, Tamaulipas).

  • Periferia de Eros, Sogem, 1991. Collective work. Participated with short story called Fuegos fatuos.

  • Las divinas mutantes. Carta de relación del itinerario de la poesía femenina mexicana, UNAM, IPN, Praxis, Sogem, 1996. 700-page anthology of women writers (poets). Poem Hablo del mar was included.

  • El ciervo celestial. 100-page poetry book. (Hopefully to be published next year).

  • Cuenta morosa. 120 rough page short story book. (Revising).

  • La vigilia de la muerte (novelette). (Revising/rewriting).

  • Encuentros. Published interviews (in Órbita magazine, 1996-98). (To be proposed).

  • El yo profundo. Literary essay. (In progress).

  • Paráfrasis. Poetry translation. (In progress).

  • Memorabilia. Autobiographical notes. (In progress).

  • Epistolario del amor. Fiction correspondence. (Project for the future)

RECENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (includes last seven years of employment; twenty years as freelance)
August to December 2004

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Dirección General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial

Promotion and Diffusion Department

Full time In-house Representative

Panel moderador (for Cultural Magazines from Spain and Mexico Meeting)

Coordinator of events (local book fairs)

Drafting of promotional documents and activity reports

Public relations

Sept. 2002 to date

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Dirección General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial

Editorial Department
External editor and translator

In charge of Spanish edition of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets


Translating for essay collection in Spanish versions from Henry Miller, Alexander Solyenitzin, Teillhard de Chardin.

October 2001 to date

Fondo de Cultura Económica (Major publishing house in Latin America)
External reader and translator (see pages 8 and 9 for detailed information on titles translated for this institution)

Feb. to June 2001

Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Technology Licensing, Plant varieties

Legal translator
Sept. 200 to Feb. 2001

Centro de Asesoría y Superación Personal, A.C.

(Guided independent study to accredit college prep courses)

Senior high school instructor for Introduction to Music and 6 levels of English courses
June-October 2000

Oxford University Press, S.A. de C.V.

External translator

External copyreader

(See experience as translator)

Feb. 1999 to Jan 2000


Country Support Team for Latin America and the Caribbean

Senior Information Officer (1)

My duties were:

· Production, publication, and diffusion of CST materials, namely population bulletin (Boletín Informativo no. 7 & 8, entirely under my care);

· drafting of press resports, news releases, articles);

· drafting of speeches, professional and curricular profiles of CST members;

· editing of documents, translation;

· participation in supervising and coordinating the logistics of press conferences;

· recording and transcribing for seminars;

· direct dealings with reporters, journalists, social communicators, and public information officers; likewise with suppliers such as designers and printers;

· supplying information on publications and relevant events for UN Web site and all other public information concerns;

· collection of notes, articles or any sort of information in newspapers regarding population themes or events, to distribute among the CST members.
(1) Post was frozen on account of budgetary constraints.

Ag. 1996 to Jan. 1998


Progreso 42, Col. Escandón, México City
Editora de la revista Órbita

(Listings editor for a satellitetv monthly magazine) (2)
· Planning and coordination of publication process of a 360 page monthly magazine (just like its counterpart Orbit US magazines;

· deciding upon form and content of 36 editorial, technical, and promotional pages;

· editing mss. from external authors;

· interviews to artists, musicians, cinema celebrities;

· writing of reviews, sinopses, articles on programmed movies as well as programs on history, science, sports, etc.

· translating editorial notes from US channels such as Cinemax, HBO, Discovery, Disney, History Channel, Learning Channel, Arts & Entertainment;

· free distribution to tv, film, and music production houses;

· attendance to film premieres, video and CD presentations in press conferences;

· interviewing artists, movie and tv specialists, other personalities and celebrities;

· writing and editing of special assignments for general director.
(2) Magazine stopped circulating after 11 years of successfull high volume sales, on account of other direct-to home systems like Sky and Directv, which produce their own program guides (Directv in Spanish is published by this same company). I followed the production 18 of issues in total.

March, 1994 to May, 1996


Programa de Apoyo a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales
Representante legal y editora (3)

(Legal representative, publisher and editor for publication project of 7 volume poetry collection by Mexican authors) (fellow)
Personal duties were:
· Legal representation of the editorial project once approved;

· co-design of the project;

· fund's resource management;

· production design;

· verbal and written agreements with authors, illustrating artists, typesetting personnel, printers, distributors;

· editing of m/s;

· preparation of t/s for production;

· text proofs correction;

· page proofs revision;

· printing process supervision;

· planning, coordination, and participation in book presentation events and public affairs;

· quarterly and final activity reports and financial statement;

· newsletters for advertising project and its publications before, during, and after public readings, news briefings, press conferences, and media coverage in presentations;

· free distribution such as desk copies for publishers, media, cultural authorities, critics, writers, journalists, academic literarature departments in universities, cultural attachés, public libraries;

· public relations (entailing all of the above, plus and mainly promotion, diffusion, obtention of additional support from all those who could contribute to the success and continuity of the program;

· distribution of produced material (7,000 copies);

· registration of titles before copyright authorities.
(3) Finished when project was over. Performed with the help of my husband.
Other relevant positions were 8 months at Pan American Health Organization WHO/PAHO), Mexico, as Editorial assistant (galley proof-reader) at the Publications Department in 1984. Likewise, at Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) as Acting Editorial Services Supervisor in 1985. Worked under temporary contracts.
Also, Copyreader for the public national library network in Mexico, in 1985 (Dirección General de Bibliotecas, SEP, six months before getting married).



Sworn Translator, accredited by H. Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Distrito Federal (Superior Court of Justice) (English)

1981 to date

Freelance translator, copywriter, copyreader, proofreader of technical and scientific publications for editorial houses, publishing departments within public, private, and academic institutions, international organizations, such as:

Private companies:
Seguros América Banamex, S.A. (one year and a half as in-house translator, 1983-1984; 1986)

Coordinator of the translation pool (4-5 junior translators)

Academic institutions:
Unam/Dirección General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial/ Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas/Instituto de Geología/Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas

Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS/INAH)
International organizations:
Ashoka Foundation

Children's Fund


Pan American Health Organization

Canadian Embassy
Publishing companies: (See next page for complete information)
Oxford University Press

Fondo de Cultura Económica

Fernández Editores

Editorial Diana

Editorial Grijalbo/Conaculta

Grupo Editorial Iberoamérica

Editorial Trillas

Editorial Limusa
Private practice with clients such as:

Law firms

Accounting offices




Public Health officers


Graduate students (Lately I edited thesis on Education Programs of the General Consulate in Los Angeles, CA for Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American residents in USA
Published translation

(most sustained and gainful experience since 1984)

Spanish versions of:
2005 (Current)

Poetry by 10 US contemporary poets, anthological work soon to be published by National University:

I Watched a Snake by Jorie Graham, Life of a Salesman and Thirty-six Weeks by Emily Grosholz, Aubade and Kettle by Mckeel McBride, Praying Drunk and Beatitudes by Andrew Hudgins, The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica and The Lesson of the Teeth by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Daystar and American Smooth by Rita Dove, After Disappointment and Ground Swell by Mark Jarman, The Traveling Onion and Famous by Naomi Shihab Nye, Madre Sofía and The Purpose of Altar Boys by Alberto Rios, and Bill’s Story and No by Mark Doty.
2004 (Lately)

On Turning Eighty by Henry Miller, Vol. 20 of collection Pequeños Grandes Ensayos, published by Dirección General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial, UNAM.
2002-03 (Recent)

Oxford Comparative History of Latin American Literary Cultures (as part of team of translators; in charge part of volume 2: Institutional Modes and Cultural Modalities). To be published in 2005 by both, Oxford University Press and Fondo de Cultura Económica. (In press).

Flawed Advice and The Management Trap, Oxford University Press, NY. Published by OUP/México in as La asesoría deficiente y la trampa en que caen los administradores. Cómo pueden saber los directivos cuándo reciben buenos consejos y cuándo no. (Published in June, 2001).

La nuit du vampire by Denis Coté, Les éditions la courte échelle, inc. Col. Roman Jeunesse, 1ére. ed., Montreal, 1990. Published in Mexico by Fernández Editores as La noche del vampiro as part of a children’s collection called Macabro (1996).

Happiness is an Inside Job by John Powell, S. J., Tabor Publishing, Allen, Texas, 1989. Published in Mexico as La felicidad es una tarea interior, 219 pp. by Editorial Diana, S.A. Sold out in its many reprints.
Revision of Spanish version of The Opposite Sex is Driving me Crazy and of Light my Fire, also by Editorial Diana, S.A.
The Yaqui Nation of Northwestern New Spain (1533 to 1820) by E. Hu-DeHart, U. of Colorado at Boulder. Chapter of Historia indígena de México (Instituto Nacional Indigenista and Centro de Investigación y Estudios en Antropología Social, CIESAS).

The Waiter and Waitress Training Manual by Dahmer and Kahl, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1988. Published in Mexico as Manual de capacitación para meseras y meseros, 165 pp. by Grupo Editorial Iberoamérica, S.A. de C.V. (1991).

Child Abuse. The Educational Perspective by P. Maher, Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1988. Published as El abuso contra los niños. La perspectiva de los educadores, col. Los Noventa, coed. by Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and Editorial Grijalbo, S.A. 379 pp. Circulated broadly and sold out.

Competitive Manufacturing by H. Mather, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1988. Published in Mexico as Manufactura competitiva by Grupo Editorial Iberoamérica, S.A. de C.V.

No Free Luch. Food and Revolution in Cuba Today, by M. Benjamin through Institute for Food and Development Policy, San Francisco, 1984 (I ignore if it was published in Spanish or not).
Investigating Animal Abundance. Capture and Recapture for Biologists, by M. Begon, Edward Arnold Publishers, London, 1989. Published in Mexico as Ecología animal. Modelo de cuantificación de poblaciones, by Editorial Trillas, S.A. de C.V., 134 pp.

El auge y la caída del Clásico en el México central, 287 pp. (collection of academic papers on Mesoamerican archaeology, compiled by Mountjoy and Brockington, U. of North Carolina). Published in Mexico by Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Principles and Practices of Rice Production, by S.K. De Datta, John Wiley & Sons, 1981. Published in Mexico as Producción de arroz: fundamentos y prácticas, 690 pp. (mine were six chapters, 225 pp.) by Editorial Limusa, S.A.

Available copies of most of these titles

Literary Translation

  • Last contract (2005) was the translation of 19 poems of US poets of the 50s:

Jorie Graham, Emily Grozholz, Mckeel McBride, Andrew Hudgins, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Rita Dove, Jark Jarman, Naomi Shihab Nye, Alberto Rios, and Mark Doty; soon to be published by National University general publications department.

  • Before this (2004) I had worked on Spanish versions of essays On Turning Eighty and The Angel is My Watermark by Henry Miller (from Capra Press, CA); On Love by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (from Harper & Row), and The Nobel Lecture on Literature (also by Harper & Row). Some of these, have been published by National University general publications department. Widely distributed and read.

  • Had finished off transcription, edition, copyediting, proofreading, presentation, and promotion of first complete versified Mexican edition of Sonnets by William Shakespeare by recently late artist and friend Fernando Marrufo (Mérida, Yucatán, México, 1925-2003)

  • The National Institute for Fine Arts (INBA) prepared (1997) a bulky anthology of French poetry which included a version of mine in Spanish of a poem by Arthur Rimbaud (L'Éternité). This piece had already seen the light through Excélsior's sunday section, El Búho; also in a poetry affiche called Undívago (1996). Likewise, a Spanish version of a poem by e.e. cummings was also published in several cultural spaces.

  • As of today, I am still preparing a selection of contemporary American poetry, a project which has been near receiving financial support by INBA and Fideicomiso USA/Mexico through their grant programs.

  • Also in process is the Spanish version of an unpublished series of poems by Ezra Pound written for Hilda Doolitle (Hilda's Book), as part of the Ezra Pound Circle; a long version called Vers Novum was published in 1996 in local journals.

  • Finally, I translated all of Lost Opposites, 1987, the entire poetic work of US late artist and writer, Bruce C. Moore (+1988 in Mexico City).

  • I have also tried poetry by John Donne, W.B. Yeats, Donald Justice, Anne Sexton, Lucille Cliftton, and Robert Creeley.

  • Will soon embark on new personal projects.

Early positions helf from 1970 to 1981 include, briefly:
1980-82 El Colegio de México (Major learning and research institution in the social sciences).

Centro de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios (CELL)

Assistant to the Director
1979-80 Oxford University Press

Assitant to the Representative
1978-79 Centro Educativo Coneet (grammar school)

English Teacher
1976-77 Centro de Regularización (remedial classes in small tutoring school)

French teacher for señor high school students
1976-77 Departamento de Turismo del Estado de Yucatán, Mérida

Information Officer
1974-75 University of the Americas (multicultural college)

Language Moderator
1972-73 Travenol, S.A. de C.V. (chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories with main offices in Chicago, Illinois).

Bilingual Secretary

  1. First National Bank of Chicago

Bilingual Receptionist

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