Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad

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títuloSe pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad
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A destacar esta quincena:

  1. Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad:

  • South Africa, India DC Books, India HarperCollins, Iran, Australia, Israel, Korea, Turkey, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Rusia, Serbia, Bulgaria, República Checa, Hungría, Polonia, Rumanía, Alemania, España, Francia, Grecia, Holanda, Italia, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México y EEUU (HC).

  1. Se propone el contrato de The Pilgrimage a los siguientes países:

    • Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumanía, Korea, Turquía, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Noruega y Suecia.

  1. Se pide los planes de marketing para el próximo lanzamiento de El Zahir:

  • China y Japón.

Seguimiento de visitas:

  • Slovenia / Croacia

  • Dubai

  • Berlin (December)



13 de noviembre de Sisay Shimeless a Patricia

I have to beginn writing you back with much apologizing for I was not able to respose for more than 3 Weeks time or so. I had some fatigued life courses so that I could't even check my Emails properly.


I have already read your message correctly and understood that you would like to know some specific points according to the Translation and the Language in which the action will take place. The Amharic Language-also some times called Ethiopic- springs out from the very old basic Language called Geéz,which's now a day almost dead one. This Language -Amharic_has about 142 Letters which also contain the Vowel and Consonant with in it. So far it's been known this language is the only one in Africa existing with its only Alphabets.


Hope that would give you a rough hint about the Language. The other point is if there would be a publisher in Ethiopia wich could take the task in order to publishing and so on. I should be honest that I never asked such things in general yet. My concerning by now is working on translation,and meanwhile to search out all needed things respectively.


Please give me one more further detailed proposal so that I got to take things serious and expanding the Idea as well. Hope we will stay keeping in touch.

14 de noviembre de Patricia a Sisay

Thank you for  your response and for the information.  


My questions about the language were more out of curiosity; please forgive my ignorance, but I did not know anything about Amharic. It is Paulo Coelho's wish that his work is as near as possible from his readers, therefore he is very interested in having his work translated into minority languages so that it reaches as most people as possible.


The issue of the publishing house is important, since I will not be able to help you once you finish the translation. I do not know any publishing house nor the market in Ethiopia. I do not think it would be a good idea either to have Mr. Coelho's work tranlated withouth a publishing house behind it to give its support. For this I suggest that you contact a publishing house before you start that will take care of the manuscript once it is translated, so that it can be distributed with guarantees.


Rola & Ziad
10 de noviembre de Patricia a Rola
Thank you for your message and for the e-tickets.
Attached please find the agenda for Dubai
Visit to Dubai  from November 15 to the 21
15  November -  Arrival in Dubai

VIP treatment at the airport for Paulo and Mônica

Rola would be there to personally greet Paulo and Monica
16 November -  BOOK SIGNING

6pm to 8pm

Virgin Megastore at Mercato Mall - Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Mercato Shopping Mall

P.O. Box 755, Dubai

United Arab Emirates
17 November -

10 am to 12 pm. Interviews in Paulo's hotel.

10:00 to 11:00 The press event will be more of an informal coffee with leading publications (15 to 20)

11:00 – 11:45 Interview with Emirates Media (leading Arabic newspaper Al Ittihad and Abu Dhabi TV). 

13:00 Lunch with Rola and Ziad to agree on evening details and other logistics.
15:00-19:00 free time.
7 pm: Cocktail/Dinner with YPO Emirates Chapter in the hotel (Royal Mirage) and short speech about selected topic:
7pm – 8 pm outdoor cocktail drink in a nice green area outside the dining area. We will be served all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks + canopies. People are standing and mingling. At 8pm, we go into the dining area (10 meters walk).

8 pm to 8:30 or 8:45 pm: People sit down around round tables of 10 people and listen to Paulo.

8:45 to 9:15 we would have interactive discussions or questions from attendees. Dinner would start getting served at 9 or 9:15 and we would wrap up by 11. Please advise if this is acceptable or give me your suggestions.
18 November – Relaxing day

Mônica returns to Barcelona

Date : 19Nov Dep : 0210
19 November -  BOOK SIGNING in Magrudy’s

5pm to 7pm


Egypt Court, shop 65,
Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai
20 November – relaxing day
21 November – Paulo returns to France at 12:50

One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

P.O. Box 37252



T (971-4) 399 99 99

F (971-4) 399 99 98
10 de noviembre de Rola a Patricia
The invitation has gone out to the following dailies and lifestyle


Al Bayan newspaper

Al Ittihad newspaper

Al Khaleej newspaper

Gulf News newspaper

Khaleej Times newspaper

Gulf Today newspaper

Emirates Today newspaper

International Herald Tribune/Daily Star newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper

Zahrat Al-Khaleej


Kalam Al Usra

Time Out Dubai

What's on


The Buzz


Campus Journal
The last four magazines have more limited reach than the first pan arab magazines, but their readership profile is very focused- younger more educated audience interested in cultural and artistic events taking place in UAE.
In addition, Emirates Media (Abu Dhabi TV) will come at 11.
7 de noviembre de Linda a Patricia
The address of the shop where the signing will take place is

Magrudy's, Egypt Court, shop 65, Ibn Battuta Mall. I would suggest that the signing should be held from 5-7pm as a Saturday is a working day for most people in Dubai.

We will be running adverts in two English language and one Arabic language newspapers in the days before the signing, we will also be running a radio advert which will give away a ticket to the signing with a free copy of The Zahir to the person who texts through first each time the ad is run.

We have already received a large poster from HarperCollins which we will display in our window along with another announcing the time of signing and duration.

We also have roll out displays which we will place throughout the Mall in the days prior to the signing which again will advertise the time and place.

We participate in an Arts Review programme every Thursday which is repeated on Friday morning. It is a 2 hour programme and we usually review 2 books and discuss any other current book news and do author interviews. On Thursday 17th we intend reviewing The Zahir as one of our books and would also announce the signing. If Mr Coelho would agree to be interviewed, either by phone or live in the studio, we would be very pleased to air it on the day.

I hope this meets with your approval, but please let me know if there is anything else you require.
10 de noviembre de Mark Amritanand a Patricia (Campaña firma libros)
This is further to the email you had sent to Linda. I have got our agency Saatchi and Saatchi to put together a promotion campaign for Mr Coelho's visit. We have the following media activities planned

  • Press advertisement- the advertisement will run in leading dailies in the city. I will send you the advertisement itself in a few hours.

  • Radio Promotion, we will be running advertising on the radio as a run up to the event. the script for the radio advertisement is attached. we are in the process of producing it. We are still working with the radio station on the modalities for the promotion.

  • We are running a contest in a leading newspaper in both their Arabic and English editions . winners of the contest will be able to get a copy of the Zahir signed at our store in Ibn Battuta shopping mall by Mr Coelho.

  • Through the shopping mall we will be placing roll up banners to announce the event from the day before onwards. The banner will have our press advertisement on it.

this is the advertisement we would propose. please ignore the text and logo placement as both are still to be finalised based on the promotion we run and the final visual we use. the picture is a stock shot so may change to one that is the outcome of a real photo shoot. This is just the concept. 


15 de noviembre de Isobel a Patricia

My name is Isobel and I am the director of Magrudy’s, the UAE Chain of bookshops.

We are delighted and honoured to have Mr Coelho signing The Zahir for us at our newest location in Egypt Court, Ibn Batutta Mall  on Saturday.

It has been a long story getting this organised, as we were first offered the signing exclusively, and then Virgin, who are not a bookshop, but foremost  a music store, got involved saying they are promoting his book in Arabic.

Anyway, they are only promoting the English version from the signs I have seen, and I feel sorry that we are having to share this event with them, when we have been selling and promoting his books for many, many years.

 As we have organised a good publicity campaign,  both in the news and on the radio, and are running prize competitions etc, and have ordered a massive amount of his books both new and backlist and the Arabic titles available,  I would like to request the following:

1. A radio interview with Mr Coelho conducted by me and John Deykin.

We co host a books programme on the radio every week and have been doing so for over 5 years now.

We could do this on Saturday before the book signing, and it could be any time length that Mr Coelho is happy with from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes( in slots of 10 minutes).

2. An interview with Mr Coelho with Emirates Today, who are helping with one of our ads that we are offering free prizes.

 Both the above have become necessary to avoid bad feeling from the media that has supported us and were originally told that Mr Coelho would be only signing in our bookshop.

I would really appreciate your assistance over this.

8 de noviembre de Liz a Mônica

With regard to Paulo's event in Dubai, Magrudy’s are being incredibly supportive of this event: they are placing adverts in 2 English and one Arabic newspaper the day before the event. They are running a radio advert and promotional campaign giving away tickets for the event, they are reviewing the book on a popular radio review programme and announcing the signing. They are also announcing the event in all stores and throughout the mall where their key new store is located which will be the venue for the event. Posters for the event are being designed by Saatchi & Saatchi based around the jacket designs – to be approved by yourself.

They have also decided to offer a fantastic promotion from the day of the event and for two days subsequently that anyone buying the Zahir can get a backlist title free – this offer fully funded by the shop.

Their expectation of the interest and turn out for this event therefore exceeded the 200 people agreed to sign copies for within the 2 hour time slot.  They are obviously wanting to be as flexible as possible and will comply with all your requests in terms of making this a huge event in Dubai –  they just feel it will be at grave risk of disappointing many fans.

Is there any way that more time can be dedicated to the event and more people given access to have their copy signed – or more signed copies be made available at the event? The customer has managed many high profile events before and will be able to police the signing efficiently, ensuring a one copy only rule and fast turn-around etc – anything to make this run smoothly but to maximum effect.


10 de noviembre de Nasouh a Patricia

Thanks for notifying me. However, please be informed that two signing sessions in one week in one city and that too at two competitor bookstores is not healthy. Virgin Megastores and All Prints have been working on the signing session campaign for the past couple of weeks. Moreover, we have placed a huge stock order from Harper Collins for Paulo's books in view of the signing session. If the signing session will be held at Magrudy's as well then it is highly likely to affect sales at the Virgin Megastores.


Also, Magrudy's will benefit indirectly from  the advertising campaigns that are done by Virgin Megastores about Paulo's visit.


I hope that this decision can be revised and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please find attached herewith the updated action plan for Paulo's signing session.

1. Event Details
Event: Book Signing Session

Author: Paulo Coelho

Location: Virgin Megastore Mercato Mall, Dubai, UAE

Area: Books Section

Date: November 16, 2005

Time: 6 to 8 pm

2. Mechanics

  • 300 Numbers will be printed to be distributed to people coming to sign their books. 200 numbers will be distributed to the first 200 arrivals, the remaining 100 will be distributed in case time allows for more people to get their books signed and/or upon Mr. Paulo Coelho’s instructions if he wishes that more time be given for book signing beyond the announced 2 hours.

  • One cue will be formed each allowing people to get their books signed one at a time

  • Staff will announce that Mr. Paulo Coelho will sign no more than 3 books per person, that Mr. Coelho will not write any personal notes or dedications and that people wishing to get their books signed are not obliged to buy books from Virgin Megastore but can bring their own books along with them.

3. Security
Twenty professional security personnel will be available to manage all security and queuing requirements; 10 security personnel to manage entrance to the store and 10 security personnel to manage queuing and safety of Mr. Coelho.

4. Publicity
Advertising and in-store branding:







POS Displays

A4 Plexis at all Virgin Megastore locations



10 Days

Nov 6 to Nov 16

Scala (70 Plasma Screens)

Animations running at all Virgin Megastore locations


45 runs/day

10 Days

Nov 6 to Nov 16

E-mail shots

Charts weekly e-mail shots to Virgin Database

35000 People

4 E-mail shots

2 Weeks

Nov 9 to Nov 16

Virgin Magastore's Website

Skyscraper on



10 Days

Nov 6 to Nov 16

Rollup stands

Rollup stands at all Virgin Megastore locations and at Mercato Mall

205 x 84 cm



Nov 6 to Nov 16


Bookmarks to be distributed in customers bags

18 x 5 cm



Nov 6 to Nov 16

Lifestyle Magazine

Official Magazine of Virgin Megastore with distribution of 35000 copies

Full Page


1 month


Gulf News

Lifestyle Magazine sent as a direct mailer with Gulf News (One of the top English dailies in the UAE)

Magazine mailer

5000 copies of Lifestyle Magazine

1 Day

November 14

Khaleej Times

Lifestyle Magazine sent as a direct mailer with Khaleej Times (One of the top English dailies in the UAE)

Magazine Mailer

2000 copies of Lifestyle Magazine

1 Day

November 14

Radio Announcements & Competition: Radio mentions will run on “Dubai Eye” radio station announcing Mr. Coelho’s signing session at Virgin Megastore in addition to a radio competition that enables 10 winners to win copies of “THE ZAHIR” will run during a show specialized in books that runs on Dubai Eye.
The radio mentions will start running on Sunday the 13th of November and the competition will run on Tuesday the 15th.
Press Invitations & Press Releases:
Virgin Megastore will be inviting a number of media representatives to attend the book signing session and cover it in their respective publications.
Press releases have been formulated; one for pre-event coverage which has already been sent to the press and another for post-event coverage which will be sent to the media after the event takes place.

Seguimiento de la visita a Dubai con Victor.



15 de noviembre de Patricia a Louisa,

We received your selection of press clips correctly, thank you so much! You have done an excellent job and we really appreciate it. This is very useful.

Thank you for the great work,

DC Books

HarperCollins India

10 de noviembre (Tamil) (Reenviado a Thomas el mismo día)


name: Senthil Soundararajan

message: We would like to translate the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Tamil. We are a leading publisher of world reknowned works in Tamil (an Indian language). We are based in Chennai, India. We would like to obtain the translation rights to publish about 1000 copies of the book. Please let us know the procedure to obtain the translation rights.

postcode: 600083

town: Chennai

country: India

Submit: Send Message

9 de noviembre de Tetsuya a Patricia
Paulo's Christmas Tale will be in Yasei Jidai this year again.

The publication date is 15th December.
15 de noviembre de Patricia a Tetsuya
How did the presentation of "Veronika decides to die" in the film festival go? Did you like it? As soon as it is possible for you, I would appreciate if you could send me the films with subtitles in English.


4 de noviembre de Young Sung a Patricia
To promote illustrated who will come out December 2005, Muhakdongne wants to produce a desk calendar using the illustrations of the book.

They plan to print 10,000 copies and this will be freely given to the readers buying the book. I asked the permission to Moebius.


In this calendar, Munahakdongne wants to use an illustration which is not done by Moebius.

It's the illustration on the front cover of Anne Carierre edition.

I am wondering if you know to whom we should contact for this illustration.

I am faxing the illustration.


As we do not have much time, we would be most grateful to hear from you as soon as possible.
11 de noviembre de Young Sun a Monica
Thank you for your message.

Firstly, we are sorry for Munhakdongne's first offer on this title, which was too modest.

We wanted to have your comment first before trying to imporve the offer...
Regarding your proposal, Munahkdongne agrees to pay 30,000 Euro's advance.

As to royalties, Munhakdonge counter-proposes; 8% up to 20,000 copies 9% up to 50,000 copies 10% thereafter
Munhakodngne hopes that you kindly accept their counter-proposition, considering that they earmark much money for promotion.
14 de noviembre de Patricia a Young Sung
I have spoken to Mônica about this proposal and we think it is not a good idea. This is a promotion that was done for The Zahir and we don't think it should be repeated. We don't always have to give a present in order to sell books. I hope that you agree with this, and that we think about other proposals to promote The Alchemist Illustrated. 
14 de Noviembre de Monica a Young Sun,
At this moment, and taking into account Paulo's current readership, the offer you sent did not respond to the real expectations in Korea. As per the royalties, we do not agree in accepting a proposal that would supose a reduction of Paulo Coelho's royalties. The royalties proposed are those of "The Zahir".
Regarding "The Pilgrimage"'s promotion, the key is not to dedicate much money to the launche. "The Pilgrimage" is a book from the backlist, not a novelty. The important thing is to reinforce this idea, and to take the oportunity to reinforce the other books by the author as well.
I hope you understand our point of view and that Munhakdongne will understand and accept it as well.


31 de octubre de Tiina a Mônica
Due to my personal reasons I could`nt come to FRF  but and I hope you received my apologies  before the appointment.


I try to give to you the general picture about the situation of Coelhos books in Estonia.

I met people from Philos and I had oportunity to check Veronika and Pilgrimage general stock. The situation is following:


"Veronika Decides to die":

Veronika retail stock is empty and there are still availble some few first print books in diffrent bookshops.

We will print the new edition  800 copys in this november as soon  you will approuve our new cover designe.



Pilgrimage general retail stock in also empty but

Philos sold before the contract ended between SantJordi and philos a final stock ( arond 1000 copys) to the Apollo bookshops chains with the half price.

Bookshops paid the money to them advanced  and it means Philos is not the owner those books anymore.The owner is Apollo booksshops chain and they are not intrested to sell the stock back.Because of that the Pilgrimage is still in the bookshops with lower price and my proposal is to wait with new edition until next January.



Philos stock is finished but there are some hundreds in general booksstock.

( They agree  to sell the stock to us as far we will make a new contract to this titel)



In Philos stock they have around 60 copys and also availble some hundreds in general book stock

( They are agree to sell the stock to us as far we will have new contract to this titel)
3 de noviembre de Mônica a Tiina
As for THE ALCHEMIST and RIVER PIEDRA, we will talk about it later on. Before proceding with other publications, I would like to see how it works and how our collaboration improves.


4 de noviembre de Tiina a Monica
ok, lets do so! all the best
11 de noviembre Tiina a Patricia
Here Coelho christmas story 2005 in magazine Estonian Avenüü.

Will be out in 15 december.
2 de noviembre de Tina a Mônica
It was a pleasure to meet you and Patricia in Frankfurt.

I'm terribly sorry that we've missed the opportunity to see Paulo in Georgia, but I've checked my old e-mails and there are no messages regarding his visit neither from you, not from Patricia.


I've heard that Paulo is visiting Moscow now. I really do not want to miss another opportunity, so please, let me know as soon as there are any news regarding his visit to Tbilisi and I will try my best to make it as good as possible.
15 de noviembre de Tina a Mônica
I'm O.K. thank you and hope so are you.



We are going to open a bookshop next week and are concentrating on the opening at the moment.

We plan to make a special Xmas catalogue, where the separate pages will be dedicated to Paulo's books.

I will be able to let you know about the details only after opening.


1 de noviembre de Katya a Monica
Yuriy asked me to find out if it is possible to receive a preface from Paulo for the new edition of the trilogy? He said, he saw in some foreign edition a preface for such edition, and he thinks it will be a good idea to give a “general” word from the author. Could you please provide us with such preface if it is exists?

Naturally, it would be great if Paulo could write a word for “a Russian reader”, but if he has time and wish.
PS As I understood from Yuriy you’ve seen the new image fro the cover. I liked it, it seemed to me very touching.
2 de noviembre de Patricia a Katya
Thank you for your message.
We don't have any new text for the trilogy. The only new prefaces we have are for The Pilgrimage and for The Alchemist.


Our proposal is that the author's note from "The Devil and Miss Prym" is used instead. It begings: “The first story about division comes from ancient Persia...”
11 de noviembre de Katia a Mônica

Thank you for your proposal. I've talked to Yuriy about his offer yesterday, and his suggestion was the advance of $300,000 (the same as Sophia paid for "O Zahir"), but he was ready to pay the whole sum on signing. I guess the royalty schedule you offer is very fair, and Yuriy will definitely agree with it. Do you find Yuriy’s offer acceptable? Please let me know, and I’ll talk to him about the figures again.

Besides, Sophia would like you to include the electronic rights into the contract if you find it possible. This is because (finally!) it becomes possible here to stop the pirate publications in Russian Internet, but only if you have electronic rights in your contract for the book.

At the moment THE PILGRIMAGE available on several web-sites in quite bad translations full of stupid mistakes. It would be really good if Sophia could “close” such publications before the release of the book.

As for the publication date - we planned the end of March, so that we could present the book on the spring Book Fair in Moscow "Books of Russia" (15/03/06 - 20/03/06). Yuriy thinks it is enough time, if we work hard and have a good marketing plan. You see that it is about 11 months after the publication of “O Zahir”. But as we agreed in Frankfurt this is the best time, and the next good time will be in September only, which is too late if we want to present the new design for the whole library as soon as possible.

From Patricia’s note I can see that you’ve likes the idea of the cover for the trilogy. I agree that this is the most impressive one. Thank you for the quick reaction, as Sophia has not much time – the edition should be ready in the first week of December.

15 de noviembre de Mônica a Katia


Thank you for your message and for the  answer to the proposal of The Pilgrimage.  Yes, I accept the advance payment of 300,000$USD,  to pay the whole sum on signing.
I appreciate Yuri's comment regarding the little time he has for the launching.


On the other hand, I would be grateful if you could summarize for me the general situation of the books at the point of sales, and whether Yuri has made any advance with the relationship with MDK. Also, please send me the name of the woman in MDK; I will ask Paulo to sign her book.



1 de noviembre de Sandra a Mônica
Please find attached our proposal for the posters in Slovenia. Posters will be put in windows of all important bookshops in Slovenia/ Ljubljana and especially in the window of Knjigarna Konzorcij ( the biggest poster).


The Alchemist

"When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true"


On the left side of the portrait (the text from the brochure):


Paulo Coelho

Seen by some as an alchemist of words and, by others, as a mass culture phenomenon, is the most influential author of  the present century.


On the right side of the portrait

 His books are translated into 60 languages.


Below the cover of the Alchemist

30 million copies sold


Near the Zahir cover-


New novel by Paulo Coelho to be published in Slovenia  in December 2005

"No one has gone so far for love..."


We'll also add a special band to the poster saying: Paulo Coelho in Slovenia - book signing in Knjigarna Konzorcij on 10th November at 18.00.                               


2 de noviembre de Sandra a Mônica y Patricia
Please find attached the proposal for the cover of the booklet announcing publication of  The Zahir. Dimensions of  the booklet are 110 x 60mm.


Text on the front cover - Zahir - new novel by Paulo Coelho to be published in December 2005

Text on the back cover - the same as in the Croatian edition of the Zahir
2 de noviembre de Patricia a Sandra
Thank you for your phone call and sorry for not having been available at the moment to attend you.


Regarding the signature in the Fair, we accept your recommendation of organizing it at The Conference Hall, but so as there is no confusion it must be announced in your stand through a poster that because of logistics and security purposes, the signing is being organized at the Hall. 
I will take this oportunity to send you an idea of what we did in Bucharest,  which was that some screens broadcasted Paulo live while inserting at the same time the video you already have, intercalating them. This created a positive impact on the readers.
Regarding the time change in Slovenia, I haven't had the chance to mention it to Mônica, so it is better to follow your proposal if Paulo really gets there on time, since he will be travelling from Zagreb. 
2 de noviembre de Mônica a Sandra
There is one thing I would like to clarify.


Paulo's major concern is to not create any misunderstanding with the reader regarding the signature. He does not want the reader to believe it is a kind of conference. So the signature must be announced at your stand, in all ads, promotion material etc. However, on the 9th, you should hang a poster in your stand announcing that it will take place at the Conference Hall. 
3 de noviembre de Mônica a Sandra

We do not approve of the below text. Instead, here is our suggestion:
Paulo Coelho in Croatia between 8th-9th November 2005.

Wednesday, 9th November, between 19-21, Paulo Coelho will sign books for 200 readers present at the Zagreb Book Fair (VBZ stand at pavillon 5 & 6)

Please look for the numbered tickets for signing at local radio stations, Iskon Internet, VBZ  bookshops and VBZ stand at pavillon 5 & 6.

We absolutely need to announce that it is a 2 hours signing and that it is for the 200 readers. I think 19:00 is too late for starting the signing, this will not allow Paulo to have the possibility of extending the signing. I would prefer that it started at 5:30 pm.

  At your stand you should announce that it will be held at the Conference Hall instead.

3 de noviembre de Sandra a Patricia


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Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad iconEl sustantivo es la palabra que usamos para nombrar a los objetos,...

Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad iconLa Asociación de Madres y Padres (ampa) del Colegio Público Agustín...

Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad iconEn las siguientes ediciones

Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad iconLas iglesias están diseñadas para esto, para hacernos sentir enanos...

Se pide a los siguientes países que informen de las iniciativas de marketing que están llevando a cabo para mantener a El Zahir fuerte de cara a la campaña de Navidad icon1. Las bibliotecas populares de Argentina, instituciones que han...

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