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English Language and Composition

11th Grade-Junior Year

The assigned summer reading novel is necessary to complete the summer reading assignments. The assignments are a crucial part of instruction during the first weeks of class. We continue to reference the reading and assignments throughout the year so it is vital that you read it and complete the summer reading assignments.
There are two assignments for summer reading and each one is worth a test grade. Your first six weeks average will be detrimentally affected if they are not completed. Please read the attached assignments carefully and complete them before the end of the summer. They are due the first week of class.
AP Language Teachers

Summer Reading Assignment

The Grapes of Wrath

Assignment #1

5 Components

Items 1-4 of the following assignments will be worth 15 points each. Item 5 will be worth 40 points. Items 1-5 therefore, will be added together for a total of 100 points. That total will be worth 1 test grade.

  1. Choose one of the following quotes from The Grapes of Wrath and explain why it is significant to the novel as a whole. (context) Write at least 100 words. 100 words may earn you the minimum passing score but does not guarantee that it will earn the best score possible.

  1. Ch. 14-“This you may say of man-when theories change and crash, when schools, philosophies, when narrow dark alleys of thought, national religious, economic, grow and disintegrate, man reaches, stumbles forward, painfully, mistakenly sometimes. Having stepped forward, he may slip back, but only half a step, never the full step back.”

  2. Ch. 18-“Ma was silent a long time. “Family’s fallin apart,” she said. “I don’t know. Seems like I can’t think no more. I jus’ can’t think. They’s too much.”

  3. Ch. 30-“He held the apple box against his chest. And then he leaned over and set the box in the stream and steadied it with his hand. He said fiercely, “Go down an’ tell ‘em. Go down in the street an’ rot an’ tell ‘em that way. That’s the way you can talk. Don’ even know if you was a boy or girl. Ain’t gonna find out. Go on down now, an’ lay in the street. Maybe they’ll know then.”

  1. Choose one quote from The Grapes of Wrath that illustrates one of the following topics explored in the novel. Copy the quote. Label the quote with the chapter and page number in parenthesis. Write at least 100 words explaining how the quote is an example of that topic.

a. Poverty b. Work c. Prejudice d. Wages Welfare

  1. The Grapes of Wrath contains a number of biblical allusions. Find two examples of these allusions and explain their significance in reference to the text.

  1. Identify a major theme in The Grapes of Wrath. Find an article written about a relevant current event that connects to this theme in the text. Explain the relevance of this theme in today’s society using current events. Include the printed article with your summer reading packet.

  1. Explain the reason behind Steinbeck’s shift in narration from chapter to chapter. Write an essay of at least 500 words that explains the effect of the shift in narration on the reader. Include textual support.

Assignment #2

Major Works Data Sheet

The Grapes of Wrath
Complete the Major Works Data Sheet (next pages) for The Grapes of Wrath. Be insightful. The complete Major Works Data Sheet is worth 1 Test Grade.

It will be due the first week of class.
Not only is The Major Works Data Sheet important in English Language and Composition, it is also very important in English Literature and Composition, which you will be taking your senior year. Please take it seriously when you complete it.

AP ENGLISH: Major Works Data Sheet


Biographical information about the author:

(esp. that could be an influence to the text)

Historical information about the time period of publication:

Characteristics of the genre:

Plot Summary:

Describe the author’s style:

Examples that demonstrate style:

Memorable quotations:

Significance of quotations:







Significance of opening scene:


Possible themes/Big ideas/topics of discussion:

Significance of closing scene:

Major Works Data Sheet Rubric

The Grapes of Wrath

Overall Completion (25 points) _______________________________

Developed Ideas (25 points) _______________________________

(clear, concrete examples, uses textual evidence)

Insightful Commentary (25 points) _______________________________

Standard Conventions (25 points) _______________________________

(i.e. proper grammar, usage and mechanics, avoids direct plagiarism from any outside sources, neat and legible)


English IV AP

Summer Reading Assignment

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Available at Barnes and Noble, McAllen Public Library,, Kindle
Dear Parents of English IV AP Students:
As we prepare to enter our new school year, the English teachers at McAllen Independent School District would like to let you know that we have your child’s education in mind when we make decisions about summer reading assignments. In order to adequately prepare for AP English exams and to develop your child’s reading, writing, and thinking skills within a limited number of months, we require all English IV AP students to read assigned novels during the summer months. Students will be assessed over the summer reading through tests, essays, and class activites two weeks from the first day of the school year. Below, you will find the novel that needs to be read before the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. We have notified Barnes & Noble Bookstores on North 10th Street and Ware Road in McAllen, so there should be sufficient copies if you choose to purchase it there.
Please note: Failure to read assigned novels will adversely affect a student’s grade.
Students are required to purchase and read the following novel.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ISBN-13:978-0-7432-7356-5

The summer reading/writing assignments (Dialectical Journal and Literary Elements) are due the first day of class.

The objective test date over the novel will be announced on the first day of class.


The Great Gatsby

Assignment #1
Books and movies are very different entities. Movie versions of books are not just like the book. Movie versions omit, add or change material from the book version. Movies are great but they are no substitute to reading the book. Therefore, blatant use of movie content and online materials will result in a failing grade on this assignment.

Title: The Great Gatsby Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Published: 1925
Before returning to school, you will need to read The Great Gatsby to complete this assignment. This organizer will guide your reading and prepare you for the exam, discussions and related assignments. A hard copy is due on the first day of class.
SECTION 1- Explain each of the following terms in the context of the early 20th century.


The Great War:

Women’s Suffrage:


SECTION 2: Social and economic class play a significant role in The Great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan represents “old” money, a term that refers to families who have been wealthy for several generations. Jay Gatsby represents “new” money, a term that refers to individuals who acquire their fortunes within their lifetimes and spend it conspicuously. Tom’s and Gatsby’s behaviors and attitudes are suggestive of the conflicting values between “old” and “new” money.
For each character, select three instances in which issues concerning his wealth and status arise. Provide a concrete detail (including page number) for each instance and commentary concerning what it suggests about character.


Concrete Details



What is suggests about his character





Concrete Details

What is suggests about his character






Section 3: Flashbacks are moments when the narration moves back to an earlier point in time. Identify three flashbacks and discuss how each flashback develops your understanding of Jay Gatsby.




Page Number

How it develops Jay Gatsby

Section 4 Party Comparisons

Over the course of the novel, the social interactions of the characters take on increasing significance. The parties one throws and attends can reveal a great deal about an individual, especially if those parties are held up in contrast with one another. Looking at the party thrown by Tome and Myrtle at their hideaway in New York, and the first lavish affair thrown by Gatsby which Nick attends, compare the character of the party and party-goers and draw conclusions about what each party reveals about its host(s). Please remember to cite page numbers.

Guest Descriptions

Details describing the party (setting, events, impressions)

Conclusions that can be drawn about the host(s)

Tom and Myrtle’s Party




Gatsby’s First Party










Section 5 Nick’s Character

Characterization: In a 7-10 sentence paragraph, explain how Nick has changed by the end of the novel. Provide one concrete detail from the beginning of the novel and one from the end of the novel to support your explanation, embedding those concrete details in your response.
Example: By the end of the novel, Huck declares that he “can’t stand” the idea of being adopted by Aunt Sally (324).
Notice how the above quote is a fluent part of the sentence as a whole; it is not merely placed in the sentence awkwardly.

Section 6 Major Themes

During English 4 AP Literature, you will be asked to create, discuss, and support multiple theme statements. Major works of literary merit include multiple life concepts (themes). Organizing these ideas into a true statement about life will create a theme statement, which will also act as your thesis in many of your essays for this course.
Select 5 major themes (concepts) that are reflected in The Great Gatsby as a whole. Write them down. Select three of these major thematic ideas and write three complete theme statements that apply to the work.

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